SSH not working, Lish-initramfs

I Tried installing Kali via Marketplace and as the username I put a uppercase letter, which lead to a RegEx error in the Script when adding the User and then setting up vnc with that User(Log). I also couldnt connect or ping in the first time while I could give comments via lish [initramfs][first boot it didn finish Installation. ] after just rebooting the Server and waitng some time, I was able to ssh in as root and add a new User and Start vnc, which worked fine.
I then installed kali Desktop env "Apt install Kali-Desktop-Xfce", "update-alternatives --config X-Session-Manager" -> chose the Right env[2], then "init6" for reboot.
Now I can again only connect via lish [initramfs] and ping, ssh dont work. Any help?
[PS: After the first reboot it chaged from initramfs to a login-withTheIP and then i was able to start vnc as explained above]

Does it makes sense to just reinstall everything ? If so does that Change my plan?
Rly hope anyone can help ;) ty <3

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Since your instance is brand new and you've pinpointed a configuration error right off the bat, I would suggest deleting it and starting over with a fresh deployment. This time, make sure your username is only using lowercase letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores.

There's no extra monetary cost to tearing down a Linode and spinning another one up so create and delete as many as you need. It'll only cost you some additional time.


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