Do Linode GPU instances come with ffmpeg with NVENC and NVDEC support compiled in?

I'm trying to determine if the Linode GPU instances are what I need. I have to convert a whole bunch of videos into web-friendly codecs using FFmpeg (think YouTube on a much smaller scale). My question is simple. Do the Linode GPU instances come with Nvidia GPU support compiled into FFmpeg?

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Hey there,

GPU instances are deployed with mostly stock versions of whatever OS you chose and have full access to the system's dedicated resources. Whatever package you use to do the conversion would need to support Nvidia GPU's.

For more info on GPU's take a look here.

Here are a couple pages I found that may help get you up and running as well.

Something worth noting is GPU instances are generally restricted, new accounts may be required to open a support ticket and request access. This is to prevent fraud associated with promo codes and crypto mining.


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