How Can I Use A VLAN to Isolate My Database and Kubernetes Cluster.

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I would like to deploy a database, and have only Kubernetes interact with it. I am wanting to know how I would go about this with a VLAN. I. would like to prevent external traffic from accessing my database. I also do not want my Database and Kubernetes traffic going over the internet.

Thank you!

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Hello Linode,

Linode's managed databases have an IP whitelisting policy by default therefore your database is secure from people accessing it from the public internet.

Upon checking:
Linode does not provide an internal IP address for databases (Looked at the database creation section)

Linode does not provide an internal IP address for Kubernetes nodes at creation but I am sure you're able to enable it manually by using the linode web UI.

~ Andy | NexusPIPE


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