Recovery of an Instance After One Year

Dear Support,
A colleague of mine hosted a Linode instance for me about a year ago. Since my concentration was on application deployment, I was not paying attention to the hosting. He told me the Linode in his account was deleted after almost a year. I will like to pay all outstanding to recover that instance.
Please, I want to know if it is possible to recover that account.

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@velbon17006 If I understand your question correctly, the account in question was deleted a year ago. If this is the case, we would not have the data saved on our end. Typically, we do preserve Images for a few months, but then they are removed. If you'd like to check and see if the account was deleted more recently, you can send an email to with the following information. This will help us authenticate you as an authorized user for privacy and security reasons.

  • last 6 digits of the payment card used
  • email or username of the account.

I hope this helps!


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