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I have a "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificate on my domain.

But why is it that one day my SSL is not detected and makes my website inaccessible using (https://), even though I checked beforehand and my SSL certificate is still far from its expiration date?

This problem often occurs, but when it occurs only for a while, my website cannot be accessed with (https://), but then it can be accessed again with (https://) and runs normally.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Thank you.

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The domain name and web server configuration for your site would be helpful in answering your question. Would you care to post it here?

-- sw

Of course, my website domain is

I am using apache web server and ubuntu 20 operating system.

I am using apache web server and ubuntu 20 operating system.

Can you post the apache2 configuration directives for your site's virtual host?

-- sw

I don't understand which part of the directives in my Apache 2 configuration you are referring to, maybe you can help with an example?

The directives that define your site -- the stuff surrounding your SSL directives -- domain name, document root, etc -- all the stuff you would normally put in a VirtualHost.

-- sw


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