How to run docker images with LKE and terraform

Honestly I'm struggling to articulate what I'm trying to ask.

I'm trying to deploy a cluster of my microservices using Terraform. I have all the microservices published on a private docker repo but I have no idea how to load those docker images into my kubernetes cluster.

I feel like I'm doing something wrong but I can't tell what. Is there some tutorial out there that demonstrated the full pipeline from terraform init to terraform apply and seeing the docker containers run on Linode?

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There's an example of how to deploy a workload from a private Docker registry in this guide:

For managing Kubernetes workloads with Terraform, the best place to start would be the docs:

I would also like to share this video titled Terraform Tutorial For Beginners to create docker container | docker container with terraform that may be useful. The person here isn't using Linode, however, they are using Terraform to deploy their docker containers.


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