Expanding the primary disk

So when you pick a Linode Plan when creating your VPS can you just increase the size of the primary disk if you just want more storage?

If you do this do you just get charged the same rate as volume storage above what the plan offers?

Also if at some point you choose to increase you RAM and CPU do you have to pick a plan and if you do would that change the size of your disk that you manually increased?

I have not found where you can manually change the RAM or CPU but that would be a nice option to be able to customize your VPS.

Thanks for your time!

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When you choose a Linode plan all the resources are bundled together, so you cannot add just RAM, or just storage by changing your plan.

If you only wish to increase storage, you might want to look into something like Block Storage, or Object Storage:



If you decide that you want to resize an existing Linode to a larger Linode plan, which would mean you gain access to all the resources associated with that resize, (CPU, RAM, Storage, etc) you can do this by following the steps listed in the guide here:


The process of resizing is pretty simplistic, and when sizing up to a larger plan, the increase in disk availability can be allocated automatically, but when you resize down to a smaller plan, the disk reallocation needs to be done manually. The steps to do this can be found here:


One last thing:

You are billed at an hourly rate for any plan you add to your account (up to the maximum monthly plan price), so if you change plans mid-month, the rate you are being charged will change, and you will only be charged for the time each plan is active on your account. More on the billing stuff can be found here:



I noticed that it does allow you to change / resize your storage so I wasnt sure if that would allow you to just increase storage without actually changing the plan and then you would get charged the volume rate per gig.

Yea I did a volume storage but the software wasnt being friendly and letting me use that for its primary data storage even though its suppose to.


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