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How Do I Retrieve and Save My kubeconfig.yaml With the Linode-CLI?

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I am trying to save my LKE cluster's kubeconfig as a file while using the Linode-CLI. How can I do this?

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The Linode-CLI returns the Base64-encoded Kubeconfig file for a Kubernetes cluster with the following command.

linode-cli lke kubeconfig-view $clusterID

We can decode it and save it to a file with the following one-liner:

linode-cli lke kubeconfig-view $clusterID --text | sed 1d | base64 --decode > $kubeconfig.yaml

To break down what's happening here:

# retrieve the output in a text format
linode-cli lke kubeconfig-view $clusterID --text 

# remove the unneeded "kubeconfig" line
sed 1d

# decode
base64 --decode

# redirect output into a file
> kubeconfig.yaml


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