Hi, I am new to Linode, but have 3 years experience on aws. Everytime I launch a Linode, it's inaccessible. Most of the time I tried cPanel instance. But no hope. Could not do it from Firewall section. Tried install ubuntu/centos everything. But IPTables, Firewalld, UFW… no hope! When I launch a server, ip is not directly accessible. why? On each of the youtube videos I watched for the solution, every instance is loading on direct ip right away! What am I doing wrong here?

It's been around 23 hours without any response on the support ticket. Please help.

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Hi WaliBD,

Are you able to offer a bit of additional information on how you're attempting to access your server? Can you also please share whether you're using Linode's cPanel One-Click Marketplace app for the deployment or are deploying a clean install of your favorite Linux flavor? This will be helpful in knowing how to best assist you with this.

A few helpful tips, I recommend disabling the firewalls (only temporarily) in a best effort to troubleshoot the raw connection. That way you can ensure the integrity of the Linode is as it should be. You could also launch the Linode in Lish Console to make sure it's running fine.

If networking is the culprit, you can reboot your Linode with Network Helper enabled to automatically have your networking configuration rewritten. Just know that doing so will overwrite any existing static configurations.

As this may be a firewall issue, know that you can totally use both Cloud Firewalls and local firewalls together, but for inbound traffic, Cloud Firewall rules are processed first. For outbound traffic, local firewall rules are processed first.

I should also mention that you can call Linode 24 hours a day at +1 (609) 380-7100 (international), +1 (855) 454-6633 (North America toll-free). This way you get more immediate support - especially for pressing matters such as this.


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