Unable to Remote Desktop Connection with VNC: "port 22: Operation timed out"

Hi there,

I am trying to remote desktop my Kali Linux following this guide:


But I cannot progress from this step:

A. From your desktop, create an SSH tunnel to your Compute Instance with the following command. Be sure to replace [username] with the VNC username you created and [ip] with the IPv4 address of your Compute Instance. See the Managing IP Addresses guide for information on viewing IP addresses.

ssh -L 61000:localhost:5901 -N -l [USER_ID] [X.X.X.X]

I keep getting this error:

ssh: connect to host [X.X.X.X] port 22: Operation timed out.

Any idea please?

PS: [USER_ID] [X.X.X.X] have been replaced on my command with the correct info.

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That error means that your Kali Linode is not responding to the SSH request. A few things to check include:

  • Is the Linode running?
  • Are you able to ping your Linode?
  • Is SSH running?
  • Is SSH configured properly?
  • Is there a firewall blocking the connection?

As the error here is "Operation timed out" I would suspect the issue has to do with SSH, your SSH configuration, or a broader underlying OS/networking issue. If there was a firewall blocking the connection, you would get "Connection refused" or an error of the like.

As you used the One-Click Marketplace app, everything should have been configured correctly for you. You can try rebooting your Linode with Network Helper to see if that resolves any underlying networking issues.

While testing this for you, I ran into another known error where /dev/sda can't be mounted. The fix for that is to switch your bootloader from GRUB 2 to the latest Linode kernel.

Otherwise, you may want to re-deploy the Linode using the One-Click app, then copy-paste the SSH command that gets displayed in your Lish Console at the end of the installation.

Hope that helps!



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