How do I create a lan-2-lan fortigate vpn on linode ?

We need to connect one of our linode with a permanente site-2-site, or lan-2-lan, idk, to a customer's fortigate vpn network.

What must we install or buy or configure .. or …

Totally new for me

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I haven't heard about Fortinet/Fortigate since my days in commercial AV, thanks for the throwback!

While I haven't personally used their VPN, I was able to find some of their documentation that explains how to install the VPN client on a Linux system (your Linode), how to configure a site-to-site VPN tunnel (FortiGate-FortiGate and FortiGate-ThirdParty, and a link to the FortiGate Community Knowledge Base:


Site-to-Site Configuration:

FortiGate Community:

It appears that they offer free software that does not appear to offer any level of support as well as paid tiers for their various programs. At the very least, you could likely start by testing their free products and creating product-specific posts on their community site before upgrading to paid plans.


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