Using Custom Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates With Object Storage

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I'm trying to use a wildcard SSL certificate with a custom domain and Object Storage bucket, but I'm getting the following error in Cloud Manager when uploading the certificate:

Certificate is not valid for the bucket name. Verify the bucket name is covered by the SANs and/or CN.

My domain is and my bucket is labeled media. I'm trying to access this bucket at

Why am I getting this error?

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The error you're receiving indicates that the SSL certificate you're using does not have the appropriate Subject Alternative Names (SANs) or Common Name (CN) to cover the bucket name "media".

A wildcard SSL certificate typically covers all subdomains of a domain, but it does not cover arbitrary labels or path components in the URL. In your case, "*", the SSL certificate may only cover the domain name "" and any specified subdomains, but it does not cover the specific bucket name "media".

To resolve this error, you will need need to obtain a new SSL certificate that includes the specific bucket name "media" as a SAN or CN.

You need to change your bucket label from media to

Since the intention is to use this bucket with a custom domain, the bucket must be labeled as your fully qualified domain name, such as


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