Set PTR for LKE nodes IPs

Standalone Linodes have the option to set Reverse DNS (RDNS / PTR record on the IP address).

For LKE: While the underlying Linodes in a LKE cluster is still accessible (and we can set PTR record on the Linodes there), this won't survive a node recycle action.

Would it be possible to declare the desired PTR setting for all nodes in a LKE cluster? This would allow any node to send emails with the correct PTR setting, even if the nodes are recycled.

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I'm not entirely sure how to best leverage our API in this situation, there is a setting exposed for adding/modifying the individual Node's PTR/rDNS value rdns: <string>

This could allow you to update your PTR after a Linode is recycled, but may require other tools like Terraform to handle automatically.

Otherwise, I typically recommend that people deploy a cluster-external Linode to act as the mail server for an LKE cluster.


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