FastCGI Error (Software caused connection abort: mod_fcgid)

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I have some VPS with you, on two of these I have installed cpanel and on
some websites when visiting them I see in the error log these two entries:

modfcgid: appassbrigade failed in handlerequest_ipc function

(103)Software caused connection abort: modfcgid: appassbrigade failed in handlerequest function

I already contacted cpanel and they won't be able to help me…I know
it is not your task to help me but..

basing on your experience, what may be causing (generally speaking)
these errors?

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Hey there,

These messages would generally occur to inform you that a request is stopped prematurely, usually when a client closes their side of the connection before the server gets a chance to respond. In most cases these messages are completely harmless and are indicative of a user intentionally closing their browser, hitting the stop button, or something similar. Are you seeing any other issues with your Linode right now? If not, then it's likely this is more of a false positive than anything.


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