OwnCast works great... until I enable "Use S3 Storage Provider"

The issue is that I followed the instructions from https://owncast.online/docs/storage/linode/ and can't seem to get it to work. I keep getting errors in the logs while streaming:
Giving up on data/hls/0/stream-xxxxxxxxxx-26.ts
Giving up on data/hls/1/stream-xxxxxxxxxx-26.ts
and the video for the stream shows an initial still image and MIGHT update the image very sporadically 10-30 seconds apart.

Using Linode, Debian 10, s3cmd (from newest git), and Owncast - all updated.

Any thoughts? Mind you that the streaming works fine without the s3 bucket in the mix.

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I was unable to recreate this behavior. You may want to post this as an issue on the Owncast GitHub to see if the folks there have any advice on what may be causing those errors. There was a previous mention of it but doesn't seem related to what you're experiencing.

Since you mention that the image updates sporadically though, I also suggest checking your network for connectivity issues. This post on diagnosing network connectivity problems should help, along with this one on testing the download speeds of Object Storage.


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