How do I install opnsense

I have an image regarding opnsense as well as the machine booting up and connecting to it using LISH and its boot command, but for some reason on opnsense I have no option to start the installation process.

with the install option not available on the img i uploaded how do I go about installing opnsense on my node.

The only option I have is to boot the node with opnsense

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You can install a custom distribution to your compute instance as long as you have an installer ISO file. Linode has guides on that process here:

Given that PFsense (which OPNsense is a fork of) is capable of being installed on Linode, OPNsense should also be capable of being installed using the above instructions. There are videos walking you through installing PFsense on YouTube, if you are interested, just to give you an idea as to what this looks like:

If those two alone are not very helped, I also managed to find a detailed TecMint article walking through how to install OPNsense here:

These resources should point you in the right direction. :)


Morning Micah,

Thanks for these but more or less this is what I already know. I have managed to get things going but now I am having an issue getting opnsense installed. I am trying to do a UEF install instead of ZFS as I have to choose some form of raid which I wont be able to do.

I have a question though on my node i have a raw disk and a swap. I am assuming and correct me if I am wrong here I should have a single raw disk and then opnsense will create the necessary partitions it requires?

Also I am getting a strange issue when i try to do the auto partition option for UFS to let it setup everything i get a device busy then it asks me to choose a partition scheme and eventually I get an error that no space on device index 5 and the whole node hangs not sure what the heck is going on here but this is getting frustrating.

I was having a chat with an akamai system engineer that my partner account manager put me in contact with and he recommended using something else besides the linode firewall. and I have yet to get this working and im honestly getting frustrated.

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