My block storage files disappear when moving to 2nd server

I made a volume and mounted it on my server. I copied my backup to the drive and it copied over no problem. I think detach the volume and move it over to a new server… I mount it and access the drive.. and there are no files on the drive…

What am I doing wrong? I didn't format the drive again. Also when I mouth the volume back onto the original server the file shows up. The first server is RockyLinux and the 2nd is AlmaLinux (using WHM)…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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While it's difficult to say without detailed steps, including the exact commands you're running and the output, I did my best to recreate this on my own account.

I deployed 2 servers in the same Data Center, one Rocky Linux and one AlmaLinux. I created a Volume, attached, then configured it and mounted it to the Rocky Linux and then added a test file. I then unmounted it and detached it from the Rocky instance, attached it and mounted it to the AlmaLinux instance. My test file was still there.

If you did not follow one of those steps, like using the umount command to unmount the device before detaching, it's possible something went wrong there.

If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend going through the guides from the beginning and making sure you didn't miss any steps. Beyond that, you can try running the following commands once the Volume is attached to the second Linode.

df -h
ls -la /mnt/$NAME_OF_VOLUME

The output of those commands will help determine if the Volume is mounted and what, if anything, is on the Volume after it's been transferred.

It's also possible that you need to change permissions to be able to see the files on your Volume. Depending on whether you are logged in as root or a limited user when running some of these commands, you may not see files that your system thinks you shouldn't have access to.

Finally, to try to narrow down if issue is with the first server (Rocky), the second server (AlmaLinux), or the Volume itself, I'd recommend deploying a third Linode, moving the Volume there, and seeing if the files show up. If the data shows up, that suggests the issue may be with the AlmaLinux server's configurations.

If the data is still not showing up, you can then create a second Volume, attach and mount it to the new server, add a test file, and then try to move it to the AlmaLinux server to see if that works.

Again, I wasn't able to recreate what you're seeing, but if you find anything that suggests there is an issue with our infrastructure, please open a support ticket so we can investigate.


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