I want to distribute VLAN IP to LKE node automatically

For secure, I want to distribute VLAN IP instead of Public IP to LKE nodes.

I have read below issue.

This issue said "you would need to enable them manually from the configuration profile of each individual node."

But manually change has problem especially when node is auto-scaled.

Is there any way to distribute VLAN IP to LKE node automatically?
(StackScript, Linode API and more…)

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I haven't been able to find a way to attach a VLAN to your cluster automatically. I also haven't found much beyond that post about setting it up manually.

While you can use the API to configure VLANs in general, and you may want to test this to see if it works with LKE. I wasn't able to find any relevant StackScripts or other tools that may help.

I found some evidence that VLANs will work for with non-managed Kubernetes clusters, but no one source seemed to explain the best way to do that. There are some plugins that seem promising:

These seem like they'd be better options for non-managed clusters, which you can deploy with something like Terraform or Rancher, but again, I can't say definitively what will work to get you your desired result.

Customers have requested VLAN and LKE integration in past, so I know this is something that is being considered for the future. If you have any specific feedback about what you would need from this feature, what problems you hope it will help with, etc., we would be happy to pass that along to our product development team.

Thank you for your reply.
I write my requirement in detail below.

  1. I want to put LKE nodes into VLAN network and detach Public IP for secure and easy management. And I will use auto-scaling service for LKE nodes.

  2. I usually use Terraform and I have read below page for creating LKE.
    There is option of autoscaler but Network(VLAN) is not.
    I want to define PublicIP/VLAN and VLAN address on Terraform in future.
    I think it is good to specify a VLAN range when using auto-scaling, or static VLAN IP when not using auto-scaling.

  3. I understand LKE doesn't support VLAN yet. As a workaround, now I change from Public IP to VLAN manually.
    But it is not good way for the nodes created by auto-scaling.
    I want to change the node as soon as it is generated.

In this case, Terraform is not work because Terraform cannot change existing resource.

CNI Plugins

I will look into these. But I think these are for LKE pod's configuration (not Node's).
If that is correct, it's not work…


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