About Private subnet Network

I have two question about private subnet network.

  1. If I make two instance on region'Atlanta, GA', I will be able to communicatte between these instance via Private IP.
    And if the other account make an instance on same region, this instance cannot connect my instance via Private IP.
    Is it correct?
    I think Private networks given to each of the two accounts is different.

  2. If I create two service and I want to restrict private communication between these service without firewall, should I create two accounts?

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Yes, you are correct. In the case of Linode VLANS, they are specific to individual accounts and cannot be shared across different accounts. For your latter concern, having the services communicate via separate VLANS should suffice in separating the communications without the need for a firewall.

Also, I should note that we're hard at work developing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Updates concerning VPC will be made public on the Linode Blog.

Thank your for your reply.
I'm looking forward to VPC.

Let me confirm to make sure that your message "you are correct" is about using private subnet network(
I'm worried that you did not say about private subnet network but VLAN network.


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