Longview for Debian 12 "bookworm"?

There's no bookworm section in the Longview apt repo. Does anyone know how long Linode usually takes to get new Longview packages out?

A brand-new Debian doesn't happen very often :P

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Thanks for making us aware of this gap in our Longview offering. We've passed this information along to those involved with Longview's development. However, please note that there are upcoming platform improvements that might cause a slight delay. If data telemetry, such as Longview, is crucial for your needs, we recommend considering the deployment of an alternative like Grafana. The Grafana and Prometheus One-Click Marketplace app is an excellent option to quickly initiate this deployment.


Is this still delayed? Bookworm's been out for over a month. Is longview no longer supported?

Just tried installing this on my debian 12 linode and it still seems it doesn't exist.

This isn't a critical issue for me and so i do not wish to go through the process of spinning up a grafana + promesthus stack.

But given that akamai very kindly gives a basic tier of this product, that would be useful, it would be very nice to be able to use it with all the linode OS's offered :)

*** Edit ***

as a work around, follow the manual install instructions but when you are adding the apt source just use bullseye instead of bookworm and the rest of the process works and the binary will install and run :)

still nothing 7 and a half months later … guess its not going to happen then …

@JimD - I've gone ahead and submitted your request for Debian 12 support in Longview to our internal tracking. I don't have an ETA on when this will be available, however.

In the meantime, as @adampavey mentioned, you can follow the Manual Installation instructions and use the Debian 11 codename (bullseye) in your custom sources file to get Longview to install correctly:

deb http://apt-longview.linode.com/ bullseye main

It's worth noting that you will need to run through this process with a fresh Longview client.

@tlambert thanks, I already figured out that it works fine with the Debian 11 apt-get update url. I just upgraded from 11 to 12, so no problem waiting a while for the upgrade of this as it appears to be working fine at this stage.


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