why can i not access my server from a browser?

i'm not completely tech illiterate, and i've been following a tutorial on setting up my own nextcloud instance. i've gotten it installed, but i can't access my Linode server from a web browser to get the nextcloud hub set up. when i type it in, i get a warning that it's not safe because i haven't set up an SSL yet. but when i click to continue to the site, i get an error. i thought it was due to my browser being set in HTTPS always mode. but i turned that off, didn't work; tried another browser, didn't work. the tutorial i'm following is only about a year old and the person doing the tutorial was able to type it in and get to it, without any redirection.

what am i missing? thanks in advance!

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Linode Staff

It depends on the error you're getting. Generally the most common cause of any kind of error when setting up a new site is the firewall settings. We have a guide on iptables that may help:


And a guide on UFW if you're using Ubuntu:


If it's not the firewall, then it may be the webserver settings. It's hard to provide specific steps without knowing more about your setup, but we have a guide on general troubleshooting here:



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