Add playlist item during broadcast

Does anyone know if it's possible to add a video to a playlist while the livestream is running? I would like to add content to the loop without having to shut the broadcast down.

Is this possible?

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Hey there,

It sure is possible, but I am afraid we'll need more information to be more helpful. It sounds like you may be using a content management system or a streaming software suite, so let tell us more about your setup when you can.

In my case I used xvfb to create a virtual desktop, and pushed that out over rtmp:// with ffmpeg. That desktop was always live on twitch, ffmpeg was just running and doing it's thing. All that remains is to write a script to display the content on the virtual desktop. Here's an example using mpv

# continuously play videos
# you'll have to configure your xvfb display 
export DISPLAY=:0.0    

# if we have a playlist, use that, or else play one file from filler 
while true; do
   if test -f "$playlist"; then
      mpv --playlist=$playlist
      find "$filler" -type f | shuf | head -n1 | xargs mpv

Hey thanks for the response. I'm sorry my brain is an overripe banana right now. I'm using a Linode "Ant Media" to syndicate a playlist stored there. Does that help? I'm also digesting your response.

Thanks again


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