Sync 3 Managed Databases

We have 3 managed DBS on linode, US,EU and ASIA. The information on the DB has to sync between all servers but I'm not sure how to accomplish this automagically. This is for the Panel db for pterodactyl.

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The TL;DR here is that you won't be able to configure your managed databases to sync data across multiple data centers.

Here's why: in order to configure your Database Clusters to have this kind multi-data center replication, you need to have access to the underlying infrastructure of your database. This is to signify which will be the primary cluster and which will be the secondaries, along with several other configurations that need to be made at the root level.

As a "Managed" service, access to the infrastructure is restricted for the sake of simplicity and reliability. Therefore, you don't have access to the configuration files needed to make this happen.

However, if you want to migrate away from a managed service and self-manage your DBs, this post titled Cross Data Center MySQL Replication Behind NodeBalancer might be helpful. It explains how to set up a mutli-data center topology using NodeBalancers, public IP addresses, and MySQL grants.


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