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We're super stoked about what's in store with Akamai Connected Cloud! For those who are curious, check out these official release statements:

Feel free to thread any questions or comments below! 💚

We've seen this before with other small vendors swallowed up by larger ones. They promise "No changes… everything will stay the same…" but they always end up raising prices so as to cause their low-profit, resource-using customers to leave to be replaced by so-called "enterprise sector" clients. We've seen one price increase already. I'm sure more are to come.

I (and savvy others) have shut down our production (large) instances and moved to other vendors. I now keep only a tiny nanode instance for testing and non-mission critical systems. I'm pretty sure that Akamai will "phase out" that option in due time. I hope I'm wrong but if the past is prologue, that is what will happen… and my guess is it will happen first quarter next year.



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