how do i create a structure to use sftp?

I usually use the terminal on my computer to sftp into my website on linode to update my site and renew SSL certificates.

But now I want to use filezilla to Up/Down load files. I have successfully set up a connection.

But the structure doesn't right so I hope someone can enlighten me with can common file structure?


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Structure? I don't understand.

When you login via FileZilla what directory does it land you in?

You will have to navigate to where your web root directory is by clicking on directories. If you can SSH then you must know where (the path) your web files were created.

What OS are you using? How did you set up Apache or whatever? What is the web domain?

Thanks @acanton77

I land in my user folder.
Some background: I am the owner and only user of filezilla. I have sudo privileges and login with 'sftp-ssh file transfer protocol'.

All the files I want to work with are at /var/www/html. Of course I can navigate to the folder but is it safe to set the 'Default remote directory' path to the var/www/html folder?

Your questions helped a lot.

I am using a Linux mint computer(no other os installed)

b " is it safe to set the 'Default remote directory' path to the var/www/html folder?"

I don't see why it would not be safe. Why would you think that?


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