Floating ip (feature) in linode vps


Does Linode have a feature floating ip in the vps like DigitalOcean have ? If yes may i know where to enable it or activate it ?
If no do you think there are any approaches to make it similar things like floating ip ?

Many thanks

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From what I've read, it sounds like the term "floating IP" is the same as what we call a "Shared IP", which is available in most data centers. While I can't say exactly how it compares to other platforms, I'd be happy to provide some guidance on getting that set up.

The first step is requesting the ability to add an additional IPv4 address from the the Support Team. Be sure to mention which server needs the additional IP and provide an explanation of your use case. If approved, you can then Add an IP address from Cloud Manager.

Assuming you're requesting the additional IP because you want to add failover to create high availability, you can set that up in most of our Data Centers, though a few are undergoing upgrades and won't have that option until the upgrades are complete. You can look at the current availability to see if your preferred DC supports IP sharing.

Once you have the address assigned to a Linode, it needs to be configured to be used as a floating ip. I have included some guides below with more information on setting this up.

First, this is our basic guide for configuring failover:

That guide will help you use lelastic, which I've personally used and I have found pretty user-friendly. I've noted in my responses to this post and this post some points I think could be clearer in that documentation.

We also have a guide for a more advanced setup that I haven't used. This is recommended "when more control and customization is needed."

Finally, those guides work mostly in Cloud Manager and the command line over SSH. While not everything in them can be done with the API, some steps can. I recommend looking at our API documentation about networking if that's something you'd like to look into:

I hope that gets you started. Feel free to follow up with more specific questions if you attempt to use those guides and get stuck or you have a different use case you'd like to ask about.


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