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ftp access from client to files on a compute instance

What's a reasonably simple and good solution so I can have ftp like GUI access on my work station, against the files in my linode compute instance. Typically, I move files between the desktop and client. Right now I use scp or rsync. This would be for only one user.

Would the client be filezilla? The server config for that seems complicated, but maybe it's complicated because more than one user is assumed.

Any tips welcome. Thank you.

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I would think any FTP client program would work for you… FileZilla is one of them. If you are on a Mac, the Transmit program is the "gold standard" of FTP clients.

If you want to do transfers at specific times a day you can write a bash script and have it run via cron or some cron front-end utility.

Maybe I don't understand your question.

As it turned out, plain old sftp is good enough. Thank you.


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