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Implement Firewall to filter IP access to K8S Entrypoint


I want to use Firewall on Linode Console to allow some IPs access to K8S Entrypoint others will be blocked. I've checked the IP of K8S Entrypoind and realized that these IPs aren't from our nodes' IP. Please help me with this case, is it possible to implement this?

Thank you so much.

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The two resources I'd recommend starting with for using firewalls with LKE are this post on our Community Site about securing K8s clusters and the Network and Firewall information from our LKE Guide. Those should help provide an overview of how networking works with K8s in general and LKE more specifically.

Next, I wanted to add that our Cloud Firewalls and LKE service aren't designed for compatibility at the moment, which you can read more about in this Community Site answer here. That does explain more about how to get it to work, but it depends on your specific needs.

Finally, some customers have found ways to make the service work for their use cases. Here is an example: How to automatically add Cloud Firewall to every Linode in LKE cluster?

If you have further questions after reading those guides, someone with experience integrating these products may be able to provide more tailored answers to your questions.


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