How to monitor users activity on K8S cluster?

I want to monitor user activity on an LKE cluster. I have set up ELK on our Kubernetes cluster, and now I want to enable audit logging and send the logs to ELK. How can I achieve this?

Thank you.

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So I had to do some research and I was able to confirm that Linode's LKE does not come with any logging solutions out of the box, but you should be able to deploy any kind of solutions you desire to handle audits/logging.

As far as the "how" is concerned, I was able to find some information on Kubernetes' web page which lists more details on logging functionality/audits here:

While I have not had a chance to test or try to set this up yet, I did find a third-party blog post on setting up ELK on Kubernetes here:

Hope that helps!


Thank for you answer Micah.

I've assigned specific roles to each of the users (RBAC). I want to track their activities within the cluster by logging API calls to kube-apiserver. How can I achieve this?


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