Restart or Reboot MySql Database

I create a mysql database, sometimes if failing because of too much load, then I want to restart mysql services or reboot it, but I cannot see any option to do it. any one help me? Thanks

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Is this in reference to a self-managed, self-built MySQL database running within a Linode, or does this pertain to a MySQL Linode Managed Database? Depending on the outcome of that question, here are the steps:

Self-Managed, Self-Built MySQL Service Running on a Linode:

To restart the MySQL service on a Linode, you can use the systemctl command if your system uses systemd for service management. Here's the command you would use:

sudo systemctl restart mysql

This command will attempt to restart the MySQL service. If you are not logged in as the root user, you may need to use sudo to run the command with superuser privileges.

If your system is using a different init system, such as Upstart or SysVinit, you may need to use a different command. For example, on a system using Upstart, you can use:

sudo service mysql restart

MySQL Linode Managed Database:

Please contact Support by opening a ticket from within Cloud Manager.


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