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I only have 3 fields for Nameservers on domain registrar. Will that be an issue?

On my domain registrar for .com.bd domain, I only have 3 fields for updating the nameservers -

Primary Domain Name Server(DNS) *
Secondary Domain Name Server(DNS) *
Tertiary Domain Name Server(DNS) *

There is no option to add more. How do I connect this with my Linode? Which ones should I input in these three fields?

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It's not unusual for certain registrars to provide space for only 2-3 name servers. Linode offers ns1-5.linode.com, so five in total, which has more to do with DNS availability and redundancy over connectivity alone.

Simply input the following Linode name servers into your domain registrar's settings, and everything should work just fine:

Primary Domain Name Server (DNS): ns1.linode.com

Secondary Domain Name Server (DNS): ns2.linode.com

Tertiary Domain Name Server (DNS): ns3.linode.com

Of course, allowing some time for DNS propagation after doing so.


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