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Hello all,

Let me preface this with, I am NOT at all skilled with command-line sand stumbling through this process…

With that being said, we needed to rekey our SSL cert which is purchased through GoDaddy. After some research, I was able to generate a CSR from our Linode server and rekeyed it through GD…

Now I need to install the new SSL on my Linode server and have absolutely no idea how to begin… Any feedback or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Although connecting to your server using SSH (Secure Shell) and using the command line may be the fastest way to upload your SSL cert, it's not the only way. Programs such as FileZilla or WinSCP provide an interface to easily handle file transfer/management between systems.

I've only ever used Certbot/LetsEncrypt to generate free SSL certificates, so I'm not fully sure if any of the described processes are different. Linked below you'll find GoDaddy's documentation on how to upload certificates based on your operating system/distribution and application:

The defaul location for where you place your SSL Certs will vary by system, but Debian default path is /etc/ssl/certs and/or /etc/ssl/private. For a fuller look at the various pathes, be sure to check out this ServerFault post:

Additionally, if you use WordPress, you should be able to manage SSL Certs through the UI with the Really Simple SSL plugin:


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