How do i install BlissOS on a Linode?

Hello Linode Community,
Im new to Linode (Akamai) and i wanted to install android on a Linode server.
So i used Curl to pull the .iso down and made 2 configs one is Installer and its linked to the Installer drive (2000 mb) and the Loader config is linked to the Loader drive (70gb) if im trying to install it it works :) but then i cant boot from the Loader disk on both disks i use the direct disk option.
Good Regards

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And after i want to boot it says error: variable 'prefix' isn't set.

It looks like you're working on installing a custom distribution on your Linode server, which is a fascinating project. To help you along, you can follow this step-by-step guide: Install a Custom Linux Distribution on a Compute Instance.

A colleague of mine achieved something similar and shared their experience in this Community post: How Can I Run Android Apps on a Linode Server?. This post may provide valuable insights.

In my experience with custom distributions, it's helpful to disable any "helper" switches in your Linode's configuration profile and ensure you've chosen the right virtualization setting (Para or Full) as needed by your custom distribution.

Hello Eruzanski,
I did the steps what you said to me.
If im trying to boot into BlissOS i will get Boot from Hard Disk… and then nothing happens


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