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Can I transfer one of my Linodes to someone else?

I may be helping someone set up an email server. Before I commit to this, may I please find out if it's okay to transfer ownership to a server that I set up under my own account to another Linode user's account?

Thank you

Mark Allyn

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Yes, this is absolutely possible! Most of our services can be transferred between customers, including Linodes, NodeBalancers, Block Storage Volumes, Domains, Longview Clients, and Images.

Customers are able to issue Linode transfers themselves using our Service Transfer feature in Cloud Manager and our API/CLI. You can check out the guide on How to Transfer Services to a Different Account for more details. Please keep in mind that there are certain caveats that you'll need to consider before you're able to transfer your Linode to another account.

Lastly, you'll only be able to transfer a Linode between accounts. If you'd like to transfer any other services such as our NodeBalancers, Block Storage Volumes, Domains, Longview Clients, and Images, you'll need to open tickets on both accounts requesting the transfer. On the account with the Linode to be transferred open a ticket and state the following:

  • Which Linode you'd like to transfer
  • Account that you'd like to transfer it to

Then on the receiving account open a ticket stating the following:

  • Acceptance of the transfer
  • Linode's name and other account name in the original ticket
  • The ticket number (#xxxxxxxxx) of the original request

Thank you! You did answer the question.


Mark Allyn


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