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I have multiple LKE clusters but suddenly a few weeks ago my main production cluster metrics server and webhooks started having issues . I dont have the same error in the other clusters metrics-server/metrics-server-1700432978 False (FailedDiscoveryCheck)

I reached out to customer service but they claim there is nothing wrong with the master nodes .

Any ideas ?

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There are a few things you can do from your end to look into this. Since the metrics server isn't part of the managed portion of your Cluster, it's likely that an internal configuration issue could be at play.

My first suggestion would be to redeploy the metrics-server. If that doesn't help, there are suggestions in this StackOverflow forum that could be useful, including some things to look for in the yaml file that can cause problems.

If you're not able to get this resolved after giving those a shot and your Cluster still isn't working, please feel free to open another ticket. If you do open another ticket, please keep in mind that we have limited insight into Cluster deployments, so we'll need to rely on what you share.

To give us the best chance of helping, please provide as much information as you can including:

  • details about what commands you're running and what behavior you're seeing that's not expected,
  • any relevant configurations,
  • any logs that point to an issue, and
  • information about how you manage your cluster.

We can certainly take another look if you're still struggling after attempting to troubleshoot on your own.


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