can't access my website (This site can’t be reached)


I can't access my website using https, but if I access it using http my website can be accessed but the loading process takes quite a long time.

This happened suddenly, I didn't do any activities on my Linode. even though the activity on my CPU is quite high, around 700%

here I use:

  • ubuntu
  • "let's encrypt" ssl certificate
  • in my Linode firewalls, I have also provided access to ports 80 and 443

what do I have to do?

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From what I am able to see using your Linode's IP address, ports 80 & 443 are currently open, and using your rDNS records, I was able to locate your website and resolve the site using HTTPS.

Since the Linode's IP address seems to resolve to a "Hello World" style page, you may need to review your Apache Virtual Hosts to ensure that your domain name automatically redirects HTTP >> HTTPS.

For more information about how to setup HTTPS redirects and to troubleshoot common Apache issues, be sure to review the following guide and Community Post:


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