How do I restore my linode to a previous backup?

Hello friends, I would really like your help as our website is down. My technical competency is that I'm not an administrator by profession, I've just learnt on my own. I am comfortable with any command line steps, though I may not understand Ubuntu very well.

I was upgrading my Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04. I confirmed that I was running 14.0.4 by doing a 'cat /etc/*-release'. Along the way I had a number of package errors, and finally I ended up with being on 16.04. Unfortunately, my Apache server starts up silently when I do a 'sudo service apache2 start', my website does not load, and I cannot ssh any more, it times out.

So I did a RESTORE of my previous Snapshot and rebooted the Linode. I did this by selecting the snaphot in the Backups table, clicking on the Restore to Existing Linode, however I did NOT check the "overwrite Linode" box.

After rebooting, however, when I check my Ubuntu version, it still says 16.04. I assumed that when I did a RESTORE from a Snapshot, I would revert my Linode back to the previous snapshot. So Ubuntu version should be back to 14.04.

Can anyone help me understand if my Restore isn't been done properly, or if there is an additional step I need to take? Thank you.

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Good news, we are back up! I don't understand why, but I had to do a Reboot from a specific configuration. I don't understand Configurations, so looks like I need to learn this.

When restoring a backup to an existing instance you will either be "adding the restored disks alongside the existing disks or overwriting the existing disks." Because you didn't overwrite the disks, there would be a configuration for what you didn't overwrite and for the backup restoration. You can read more about configurations in our Docs, but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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