Unable to connect to MySQL remotely

I'm newish to running a database on a server, but have worked with MySQL before. I created a node and installed LAMP following a tutorial, and I created a MySQL database on my node server.

I am able to access this from the Linode console but I cannot access it remotely.

I created a specific user for connecting remotely, 'admin'@'%' (also tried using my direct IP) and set all permissions as granted, set the passwords for the users, then flushed privileges and reboot the server. I dug through all my mysql files in /etc/ and found a single file with a bound ip, and commented this out (I also tried to set it to, neither worked).

From what I gather, MySQL does appear to be up and running and the user stuff shows up when I query the database.

I'm not sure what I need to do, I cannot connect remotely. I'm using Azure Studio.

Pics for reference:

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I'm not familiar with Azure Studios, but I'd like to try to offer some guidance that I hope can help.

First, we have some documentation on connecting remotely to a MySQL database that may have some clues about what could be missing or offer an alternative.

From that first guide, the section on configuring the database server to allow remote connections specifically could help, though it looks like you've already done some of those steps based on your images.

You can also look into Azure Studio's Troubleshooting guide for additional help for issues that could be on their end.

An obvious question, so apologies, but do you have a Cloud Firewall configured for your Linode?

What OS is your Linode running? Maybe it has a default software firewall configured which is blocking connections to MySQL?


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