How do i use a subdomain from namecheap on linode?

How do i use a subdomain from namecheap on linode?

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Your first step will be to [change what name servers your domain uses to authoritatively resolve your entries within the NameCheap interface. Instead of using the default NameCheap servers &, you will update these to use Linode's name servers:

Now that our name servers authoritatively resolve requests made of your domain, you can add that domain to Cloud Manager as a new domain zone. Next, you can begin adding A/AAAA records for the primary domain ($DOMAIN.TLD) by submitting the following info:

  • Hostname: @ (or leave this entry blank)
  • IP Address: <enter address="" ip="" ipv4="" linode's="" v6="" your=""></enter>
  • Time to Live (TTL): I typically set my records to 5 min but you can leave this as the default 24 hr if you do not frequently update your records.

If you want to create a subdomain ($SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN.TLD) you would instead enter that subdomain in the Hostname line.


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