i was given an IPv6 range for my Linode. how do i assign an IPv6 address from this range to each of my four domains?

I'm recreating my old Linode on a new Linode. My old Linode had four IPv4 addresses each pointing to a unique domain on the Linode. My new Linode only has one IPv4 address (not allowed to have any more), but I was assigned an IPv6 range of 2600:3c03:e000:a96::/64.

I was using DNS within WHM on my old Linode, but am using Linode's Domain Manager on my new Linode instead.

How do I assign an IPv6 address from this pool to each of my domains?

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Instead of being assigned discrete IPv4 addresses that can be mapped to discrete A Records, you are able to define your own IPv6 addresses (as long as they exist within your /64 range) and map them to AAAA (quad-A) records.

You can assign a functionally infinite amount of IPv6 addresses for your static configuration, but keeping it simple, you could create a config that looks something like this:

# IPv6 Static Assignments:
iface eth0 inet6 static
  # SLAAC Address:
  gateway fe80::1

  # 2600:3c03:e000:a96:: /64 Pool Config:

  # Domain #1:
  up    ip addr add 2600:3c03:e000:a96::1/64 dev eth0:1
  down  ip addr del 2600:3c03:e000:a96::1/64 dev eth0:1

  # Domain #2:
  up    ip addr add 2600:3c03:e000:a96::2/64 dev eth0:2
  down  ip addr del 2600:3c03:e000:a96::2/64 dev eth0:2

  # Domain #3:
  up    ip addr add 2600:3c03:e000:a96::3/64 dev eth0:3
  down  ip addr del 2600:3c03:e000:a96::3/64 dev eth0:3

  # Domain #4:
  up    ip addr add 2600:3c03:e000:a96::4/64 dev eth0:4
  down  ip addr del 2600:3c03:e000:a96::4/64 dev eth0:4

Then, you would use IPv6 addresses 2600:3c03:e000:a96::1 through 2600:3c03:e000:a96::4 for your AAAA DNS Records in Cloud Domain Manager. When entering your hostname and IP address, Cloud Manager automatically creates the A/AAAA Record based on the IP entered (IPv4 vs IPv6), which means you do not need to manually designate what type of record you are creating.

Once the records have been created, be sure to allow ample time (just in case) for your records to propagate. Although this can occur fairly rapidly, it can take up to 1-2 hours for local propagation and upwards of 24-48 hours globally.


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