Besides a big, "Gee, thanks!" from Chris and crew, are there any incentives for referrals?

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Continuous traffic, memory and disk upgrades year on year?


no, I've got two of my own… no more kids!

Personally, I enjoy the fact that Linode has no referrals system in place. As soon as something gets a referral system, I can no longer trust word-of-mouth advertising for whatever's being advertised. As a result, I avoid any places that have a referral system, if I know about it.

In Linode's case, a referral system isn't necessary, I believe. The service is so good that word-of-mouth advertising probably brings in more sales than a referral system would, and in addition, for people like me the addition of a referral system would lower my opinion of the companies using them - and assuming enough people like me, that could cause another noticeable drop in sales for Linode.

So I really hope the answer to this one is no specific rewards - except what we all get, as Deckert pointed out. Linode do enough for us already.

There certainly wouldn't be much benefit to linode having a referral system.

I recommend them whenever someone talks about dedicated/virtual hosting :)


One could use these boards to say, "razza referred me and boy I'm glad he did!"

To me, that would be enough.

unixfool referred me and i'm glad he did!

Erm…I didn't expect that…



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