how to configure linode storage static page not to respond with 413 on Facebook's debugging tool for sharing links


I'd like to share my static page to Facebook, and when pasted in, FB retrieves the title from metadata so that it shows when posting, but it's just showing the domain name.

And so I go to Facebook’s debugging tool:

When I paste in my Linode static site, it gives the April fools status code 418. I then pasted in my main Linode server that generated the HTML, and that was 200.

So is there an example static Hugo page I can use to see if it happens to that page also?

Has anyone sharing static pages from Linode storage to Facebook encountered FB not being able to show the title of your page?

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I just tried replicating your issue by following along with this guide:

Using my personal domain and Linode storage, I did not run into any error messages, or have issues with the page loads. I would recommend (if you have not already) re-attempting this process by utilizing the guide linked above and seeing if you still run into any issues. If you do, please let us know.

I think there is likely some site configuration issue with your current setup, but troubleshooting that would probably be more difficult than following the above guide.

Hope that helps!


Hi Micah,

Not sure what you meant by loading - the problem is loading specifically with the Facebook Debugging Tool.
So you tried pasting your static linode site into:

What was FB debugging tool's response for you? If 200, then there's a problem with my env. But if it's 218, then we'd have the same issue.

The problem with a static 218 is that my users would not be able to paste their linode static page to share on FB straightaway, as the linode staic page link on FB would not pick up its metadata title and thumb photo for other FB users to get a preview of the linode static page.


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