Hosting two sites on one IP (odoo)

I have 2 domains on my linode account (same IP address) - and I am running an odoo site and within odoo I have both and defined (they are slightly different in terms of content).

Based on information and assistance I gained via the Linode site, I have been able to set this up and it functions almost as I need. It is close but not quite working as needed. In particular, from a web browser if you go to either or the browser brings up the proper content. In terms of bringing up the content from a browser it works fine if you specify, however, if you specify the simplified it actually brings up the content.

Previously, I had tried using cname records to try and get any request for to actually direct to so that the correct content would come up, however, was unsuccessful. In the past also, I recall Linode staff directing me to some odoo documentation and odoo support, however, none of that has proven to be useful for me to resolve. At this point, I am hoping that someone might be able to help me given the description I have outlined above. The good news is you can bring up the content by including the www in the address, however, I really need it to go to the sitetwo content if someone just enters the address as It seems that I am so close but just not quite. Is there a simple or any solution here?

If anyone has had such experience and perhaps used odoo to setup 2 similar but separate sites perhaps you would be able to suggest a solution that would work. I appreciate any assistance or direction that could be suggested. Thank you.

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I saw a couple Odoo forum posts which relate to this which may be helpful (if you have not already seen them):

They both give a moderate amount of advice on the same question, and also give links to outside resources with more granular steps needed to get this set up.

Hope that helps!



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