Setting up a PTR Record for my mail server

I need some technical guidance. I've never done this before and I've done research but this seems to be difficult to do and I need some assistance.

I want to set up a PTR record for my mail server. My mail server is a linode, but my DNS records are on the Free option of Cloudflare. How can I set up a PTR record, or who do I need to ask to do it for me? Does linode need to do it or cloudflare or what?

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Linode Staff

Since Linode support does not provide hands-on administrative assistance with configuring your DNS records, you'd need to configure the rDNS record within CloudFlare. I provided some resources below that can help with setting up a PTR record on CloudFlare:

Our how do I configure rDNS if I'm using CloudFlare Community post goes a step further on how you can set this up as well.


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