HPC/MPI cluster - vlan/vpc ?

I have spurn up individual instances on Linode, both via the web interface and Terraform.

I am now exploring spinning up multiple instances to form a test compute cluster.

Is there any documentation I can read regarding how best to setup the network for the cluster of multiple instances for better network performance ?

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Although VLANs and VPCs can kinda function very similar to each other in regards to backend networking, the big security benefit is that Linodes created within a VPC can be deployed without a public IPv4 address. They will still ultimately need to be routed in such a way to access the internet in order to update, download packages, or serve internet-accessible content, but this alone can help greatly reduce your exposure to internet-based attack vectors.

Neither VLAN nor VPC traffic is routed external to a data center which means that like Private IPv4, this traffic is not considered towards your Monthly Network Transfer Pool. For more information about both VLANs and our new VPC service, be sure to check out their respective "Getting Started" guides linked below:


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