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Moving IP and keeping DNS

As part of doing the principle of "Immutable Infrastructure" I have Terraform & Ansible scripts that creates and populates all the resources needed in my application. No manual configuration is required.
But I can't really find a good solution for "redirecting" the DNS name every time a new ComputeInstance is created as each new ComputeInstance gets a new public IP. There are several CI created consecutive for development and testing. I've looked at changing the A-records, IP Sharing, IP transfer and NodeBalancers but they all seem to have their disadvantages and cost. AWS has the concept of "Elastic IPs" that can be allocated, named and moved between instances, thus keeping the DNS unchanged. What would be a recommended way of doing this at Linode?

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We don't currently offer a feature like the Elastic IPs you mentioned, so I've passed along your desire to see something like that to the appropriate team.

For now, I've tried to look into alternatives. The ideas you've mentioned trying are the ones I've been able to think of so far. It may be helpful to explain what you found to be disadvantages of some of those options to see if someone in our Community can offer workarounds that eliminate or minimize the things you didn't like about those options.


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