[OT] Lightweight Alternative to OpenVPN

I was wondering if anyone knew of an alternative for OpenVPN for house <-> linode traffic. I've tried several times to install OpenVPN on my WRT54Gv1 (flashed with OpenWRT 7.09) and always run out of space installing OpenSSL.

Any recommendations?

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Stunnel maybe? (Don't know if it's actually smaller…but it's definitely harder to setup.) What I do is run OpenVPN on an internal host, not my router. It means extra routing setup if you want more than just that particular host to access the tunnel.

In the past I've run it on an internal box, but I'm trying to cut down on the number of machines I leave on all the time while I'm not home.

I'll look at stunnel (read: see if it will install with out ballooning out to the entire size of the flash :/)

I found that PPTP with dd-wrt (on WRT54G) to the linode (pptpd) works nicely. It's easy to configure and small. Downside is the poor tunnel encryption, so I wouldn't suggest you use it for security reasons.

dd-wrt has built-in support for pptp and you can easily create the right routes and filters based on the ppp connection. I imagine openWRT would be similar.


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