PHP GD Font render difference stuff?


I'm not new to the Linux scene, but a bit new to running my own webserver. Eventually I took VirtualMin to setup sites.

I transferred from my old host which uses apache 1.3 and php 5.2, I'm running Debian Etch myself on a VPS with apache2 and php5.0.

Only I get this difference with rendering text on my site :


Anybody know what I should adjust? Probably a setting somewhere.. gonna try installing another OS in the mean time anyway.

  • Edit -

Installed CentOS now, the same as my old host and that does seem to work properly.

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I'm just guessing here, but perhaps Debian didn't come with the right fonts pre-installed?

Could be, but I uploaded and used my own fonts. So there shouldn't be any difference..

Neither CentOS 4 nor Debian Etch is a particularly cutting edge distro. This could be due to a bug fix that changed the behavior of some obscure function. Have you tried installing on your Debian box exactly the same version of LAMP as the one that's on CentOS? Of course it's always best to use the latest stable versions, but just try if that changes anything………

Could be a minor bugfix yeah, didn't really try that thoroughly. CentOS 4 and 5 both worked the way I expected. GD Image library was on CentOS, Debian and Fedora the same versions. And I had apache2, php5 and mysql5 on them all too.

I wouldn't know what caused the difference, but as I already edited in my first post. I'm using CentOS 5 now and I'm pretty much happy with it. Just had to get used to it a bit :P


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