I would like to start a email marketing biz. I need to send bulk mails to my opted in clients . Does anyone know a very good bulk phpmailer?


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First - Take it easy on the caps lock, dude.

Check out phplist. I've used it in the past - it's decent.

Mr. Aker: please shut this spammer down before he gets the Linode netblocks added to Spamhaus and the various other blacklists. "Opted in" my ass. Nobody "opts-in" to third-party spamming. Legitimate businesses that send e-mail to their actual, really truly, existing customers run their own systems.


Mr. Aker: please shut this spammer down before he gets the Linode netblocks added to Spamhaus and the various other blacklists.

I agree! Please, as soon as possible!

"I want to start…"

At least it hasn't started, yet.

I am also interested in a bulk mailer. I read this thread and was taken aback by the accusations that seemed to fly against the original poster based on little evidence that I saw. I think people should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.

I have a legitimate opt-in list and until now have not operated my own. Instead I used icontact, a legitimate email marketing service. I want to move the service here because at just 2500+ subscribers, the list had grown to the point that the monthly cost would be more than the cost of the entry level linode plan. So I can imagine the original poster is in a similar situation. I'm not sure what he meant by getting into the email marketing service business, but I could imagine that once he set it up for himself, it would not take much effort to set it up for others (like icontact did for me). Maybe friends and associates might want to leverage his setup since he is the expert among them. I don't think there is any reason to assume that he is a spammer based on what I saw.

I also am considering PHPLIST, but read that the UI is not so good and basic functions like click tracking are "experimental". I just recently saw OPENEMM which apparently is a very sophisticated email marketing tool, but it requires sendmail (not postfix) and apparently is quite complicated to set up. Does anyone have experience with it? Also says it requires 512MB RAM and recommends 1GB, but wonder whether I can get away with Linode 360 given that I would be operating on a list size of 2600 and that is on the very low end of a system that reportedly can handle a very high volume 100,000+. Any feedback or suggestions?

Anything better than openemm? My requirements are pretty basic - small list size, html emails with individualized click and open tracking, embedded unsubscribe links, bounce management (unsubscribe repeated bounces), website subscribe form collects email address with many custom fields on website ino mysql database that integrates with list manager - I will do custom form on website.


Guys, can you help me?? I have a small problem with this site. Can you tell me how to fix the problem when the page does not work with Javascript? If you encounter this problem, then give instructions on how to do this.

Are you talking about this 404 HTTP error? I didn’t understand a little … If so, then just look for articles on this topic on the Internet. This is a common problem, but it's fairly easy to fix.


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