ssh over proxy ISA server.

So im at a new job, and im stuck behind one of microsofts ISA servers.. Putty wont connect over http since it cant authenticate properly and ive tried a few other solutions such as CTNML and NTMLProxy, but non seem to work well…

Anyone in this cohort have an idea of how to get ssh to tunnel properly over it?

I do run ssh on port 443 for ease of access..

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internat, this looks like it might be the goods mate

let us know how you go :)

afraid not.. This isnt authenticating to the NTLM aspect of the ISA proxy server :(

bugger instead perhaps :)

I probably should poitn out im on windows…

We have this at work - I'm afraid it's the console for you.

NTLMAPS (NTLM Authorization Proxy Server) only needs Python, so you can use it on Windoze.

Getting ssh to work is left as an exercise for the reader :)

I've not tried it myself - my firewall busting is done from a Mac.

the console?

I think im going to see if i can get logmein to work first.. if that doesnt work im screwed me thinks..


I probably should poitn out im on windows… did you miss the bit about cygwin?

> Yes, It Works With Cygwin's SSH

It now works fine when compiled to run under cygwin. In fact, I've recently standardized on a WinXP desktop, and use Cygwin's rxvt as a terminal emulator. From within rxvt, I can use ssh and scp just like any other command-line tool in the suite.

The nice part about Cygwin is their built-in X-server, whcih can be started up on demand. While tunneled through Microsoft Proxy Server, ssh forwards the X session right to the X-server running on my WinXP desktop. Sweeeeeet! Now I have the best of all worlds on my WinXP desktop.


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